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Helping Architects & Landscape Architects attract IDEAL clients.

Be seen.

Be heard.


Workout From Home. No Equipments Needed.

Hiding behind your past work and credentials just won't cut it anymore...

If 2020 has shown us anything, it's that a strong personal presence online is a requirement to make those connections with the best clients. After all, they're at home on their devices a whole lot more!

Hi, I'm Jake Krokowski, Principal of JWK DESIGN and Founder of Profitecture by Design. In just a few short months after adopting online video into my firm's marketing, and putting myself up on YouTube with only a handful of subscribers, I quickly saw a 5-figure return in design contracts.

It wasn't that the videos took the place of referrals or Google searches, rather that when I did have those introductory meetings, clients began to say "I feel like I already know you!"

And THAT made all the difference in building trust and relaying my value as a design professional... and ultimately getting contracts signed.

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Transform from the 'Unseen Architect' into today's PROFITECT!

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